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Traction Type Mobile Trailer High Pressure Self-priming Pump 8-inch 12-inch Pump Machine

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Control system (optional) :
A) automatic alarm system: water temperature, oil temperature, speed, oil pressure, etc.
B) control panel display:
I) voltage, three-phase current and frequency
Ii) water temperature, oil pressure display
Iii) oil level, oil temperature display
Iv) sound and light alarm
C) self-priming
Standard configuration:
A) diesel (air filter, diesel filter, oil filter)
B) water pump
C) chassis
D) connecting flange
E) random files and random attachments
F) control panel
G) shock absorber
Optional configuration: engine four protection, fuel tank public chassis, electronic governor, remote control system, rain shelter, trailer, etc

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