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Top Oxy-Hydrogen Silent Diesel Power Generator Set

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Top Oxy-Hydrogen Silent Diesel Power Generator Set Basic Info

  • Model NO.: hho-7000

  • Installation Method: Fixed

  • Output Type: AC Single Phase

  • Usage: Common Units

  • Excitation Mode: AC Rotating Exciter

  • Working Pressure(MPa): Less Than 0.2

  • Cooling Way: Air Cooling

  • Flame Temperature(T): 800-3200 Adjustable

  • Silent Diesel Generator Set Working: Continuous

  • OEM: Available

  • Specification: CE and iso9000

  • Type: Basic Diesel Generator

  • Cooling Method: Wind Cooling

  • Silent Diesel Generator Set Speed: Speed

  • Landuse Type of Unit: Top Oxy-Hydrogen Silent Diesel Power Generator Set

  • Voltage(V): 380 ±10%, 50/60Hz, Three Phase

  • Relative Humidity(%): Less Than 90

  • Silent Diesel Generator Set Insulation Class: IP2s

  • Working Medium: Filtered Water or Deionized Water or Soft Water

  • Environment Temperature(T): 0-40

  • Origin: China

Top Oxy-Hydrogen Silent Diesel Power Generator Set Product Description

We are the newest technologies for oxyhydrogen generator.It is fuel saving,save money,horsepower-increasing,emission-reduing.And save time and money all the time.We have sold local market 10 years and we can do OEM.

Top Oxy-hydrogen Silent Diesel Power Generator Set 

Top Oxy-Hydrogen Silent Diesel Power Generator Set Product details description:
Oxyhydrogen gas Generator is energy Saving and no pollution product. It consumes water and electricity, electrolyze water into H2 and O2, we can use H2 and O2 as source of flame replacing acetylene or natural gas or other fuel. 
HHO generator applied in diesel generator or gas generator will help the generator make complete combustion, and increase fuel efficiency between 10% to 30%, reducing emission minimum by 30% to 60%.
Top Oxy-Hydrogen Silent Diesel Power Generator Set Principle:
Generator is transforming other forms of energy into electricity machinery and equipment.Operating principle is based on the electromagnetic induction law and the laws of electromagnetism.Both diesel generators and the gasoline generator, all work done by each cylinder according to a certain order, the thrust acting on the piston connecting rod became the driving force of crankshaft rotation after, so as to drive the crankshaft rotation. Coaxial brushless synchronous alternator with the engine crankshaft installation, you can use the rotation of the engine-driven generator rotor, using ' electromagnetic ' principles, generator will output the induced electromotive force, after closure of the load circuit can generate an electric current.
Multi-functions application:
1. Application of generator power is one of the main energy of modern society.
2. Applied to large and medium sized power plants for industrial and power supply.
3. Small power station as a backup power supply,  temporary power or mobile power supply.
4. Does not have a fixed power supply, and it is difficult to set up transmission lines where used
5. Main auxiliary diesel generators, gasonline generators and so on.
6. Generators in the industrial and agricultural production, technology and a wide range of uses in daily life.
Top Oxy-Hydrogen Silent Diesel Power Generator Set Features and Advantages:
1.It can be operated safely and reliably.
2. The process flow is short and simple.
3. Both energy consumption and production cost are relative low.
4. Simple and easy operation, high automation.
5. Zero Pollution and environmentally friendly. 
6. Low failure rate and long service life.
7.Mobile convenience and low cost.
8.Small size, light weight and continuous operation.
9.The use of environmental adaptability high, adapting to harsh road conditions, low atmospheric pressure, air humidity and other harsh environments.

Voltage(V)380  ±10%,50/60Hz,three phase
Rated capacity(KVA)9152231
Working pressure(Mpa)≤0.2
Relative humidity(%)≤90
Rated gas output(L/H)3000±10%5000±10%7000±10%10000±10%
Water consumption(L/H)
Cooling wayAir cooling
Insulation classF
power protection gradeIP2S
Flame temperature(T)800-3200 adjustable
Working mediumFiltered water or deionized water or soft water
environment temperature(T)0-40

Top Oxy-Hydrogen Silent Diesel Power Generator Set Service:
According to the mechanical and electrical products quality assurance related policies and regulations of the state, the machine warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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