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Silent Type Diesel Generator Set

- May 12, 2018 -

Silent Type Diesel Generator Set Basic Info

  • Model NO.: KDGC

  • Silent Diesel Generator Set Installation Method: Portable

  • Cooling Method: Water Cooling

  • Origin: China

  • Type: Basic Diesel Generator

  • Silent Diesel Generator Set Stroke: Four Stroke

  • Output Type: AC Three Phase

  • Silent Diesel Generator Set Specification: CE

  • HS Code: 8502

Silent Type Diesel Generator Set Product Description

Soundproof CAMDA Diesel Generator Set

We are a manufacturer of generator sets for various kinds of fuel such as diesel, natural gas, biogas, coal bed methane (CBM), associated gas and syngas.

We also have expanded our business to provide one-stop solution for biogas powered plant based on landfill, food waste, animal manure and waste water.

Silent Type Diesel Generator Set Features:

1. With container type silent canopy, all series silent gen-set can be hoisted on the top of canopy. High efficiency anti-vibration pad to make sure the balanced running of gen-set. Good ventilation and thermal radiation measurement make sure gen-set running in suitable ambient temperature. Over-large capacity canopy can make gen-set run continuously for at least 8 hours.

2. High efficient noise reducing multi-paths into the ventilation channels is set to ensure adequate dynamic performance of gen-set. High-performance sound absorbing materials into the labyrinth wind, ventilation devices, premised on ensuring the smooth airflow, noise is also prevented. Specialized noise reduction muffler materials greatly inhibit the mechanical noise.

3. Compact overall structure, small size, new appearance design, with a multi-layer shielding impedance mismatch type noise enclosures, built-in acoustic impedance plus composite silencer, greatly reduced the noise from exhaust emissions. Reduction of noise emission standards is in line with ISO3744 requirements. The noise can be reduced to below 65-75dB.

4. Cancel the traditional design for the bottom air intake to prevent debris and dust inhalation and increase inlet and exhaust area.

5. A separate output switch box is installed for easy cable connection (especially suitable for construction, outdoor place).

6. High waterproof and weather-resistant grade.

7. No need electrical room to save costs, while compact, small land coverage, suitable for any location, and can be moved freely as required.

8. Reduce the cost of cables and fuel consumption.

9. Special side cover for quickly opening, include emergency stop button, convenient for operation and maintenance. 

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