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Requirements For Generator Sets In Large Data Centers Of Diesel Generators

- Apr 24, 2017 -

The generator is the conversion equipment that converts mechanical energy into alternating current energy. At present, the performance of a good diesel generator is a perfect function, the power capacity of a large range of environmental and site conditions, low requirements, installation and use of convenient small power generation equipment, the use of relatively extensive output capacity from several KVA to several trillion Va. The main body of diesel generator set consists of three parts: engine, generator and control system. With the modern diesel generator set matching synchronous AC generators due to the characteristics of performance and structure, the general use of self-excited constant pressure type, usually choose the self-excited synchronous Alternator and PMG (permanent magnet type) excitation synchronous alternator. The main performance parameters of the generator set should be satisfied:
① Voltage Adjustment Rate: When the load power factor (lag) ~1, load no-load to full load change, from the cold machine to the full machine and the speed of falling% less than the situation, voltage adjustment rate can be controlled in ± 1%%;
② Frequency Adjustment Rate: the load from the 0 range, frequency stable unchanged;
Random frequency fluctuation: Load from the 0 power any value, the random frequency fluctuation maximum is ± 5%;
④ Voltage waveform: Circuit open (no-load), the maximum total waveform distortion%, the three phase equilibrium load the maximum total waveform distortion into 5%.

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