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Reasons For Unstable Rotational Speed Of Diesel Generators

- Apr 24, 2017 -

1, idle speed not smooth
Refers to the diesel generator at idle speed running suddenly and slowly, but the regularity is not strong, and there is jitter, and diesel generators in the rapid deceleration, shift or belt load prone to flameout, this phenomenon is a number of governor failures caused. There are several main reasons for this occurrence.
(1) Flying ball wear
Idle speed, the flying ball of the smallest opening, spring sliding sleeve due to the flying ball small roller wear and excessive reaching for the flying ball, and the ball body with the irregular direct collision, causing idle speed instability. At this point, with the hand to touch the refueling joystick, there will be a slight impact.
(2) Idle spring elastic variation or improper adjustment of
When the diesel generator operates, the load increase will reduce the speed. If idle spring or start spring soft, the oil supply gear rod can not quickly move to increase the direction of oil to improve speed, serious will cause diesel generators automatically flameout.
(3) The speed stabilizing spring is improperly adjusted
At idle speed, because of the small flying ball centrifugal force, speed control is also small. If the diesel generator slows abruptly, the adjusting movement of the oil supply lever may exceed the idle position so that the diesel generator flameout. In order to prevent this situation, the governor Cap is on the back of the oil-supply tooth rod to the idle position of the steady-speed spring; If the spring is too soft or adjusted, will weaken or not play the role of speed, so that idle speed operation unstable.
(4) Low-voltage oil-supply or containing water and air
This will make the oil supply small when large, especially in the low-speed area will lead to diesel generators work instability.
(5) The camshaft cone bearings of the fuel injection pump cam wear too large
In this case, the camshaft will cause irregular channeling in the axial direction, so that the diesel generator speed is unstable.
(6) Fuel injection pump for gu uneven, oil is not right or bad fuel injection
In the case of low-speed operation, if the oil supply is uneven or the oil supply is not positive, the stability of the rotational speed will have a greater impact, but this unstable performance of the distribution of the Regulation
Law, and periodicity shorter.
(7) The cylinder compression force is insufficient
When the cylinder compression force decreases, because each cylinder falls in the same degree not necessarily, even if the fuel injection pump is balanced, the combustion situation may be different, resulting in a low speed of instability.
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