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Range Of Low And Medium Speed Of Diesel Generators

- Apr 24, 2017 -

The so-called "traveling car" of diesel generators refers to the long and regular slow phenomena of the diesel generators in the low speed and medium speed, which is the result of the speed regulating reaction lag behind the change of the actual rotational speed. The main reason is the following.
(1) The internal lever of the governor is loose with the abrasion of the connection pin hole
In this case, the bi-directional speed regulating movement of the increase and decrease of oil supply is excessive and backward. When the engine is working, the speed regulating reaction is inevitable lag behind the actual speed change
But the hysteresis can not be too large, otherwise it will produce a larger adjustment amplitude. Adjusting the amplitude of excessive, that is, when the speed has been due to the amount of oil supply and decrease, and the rotation speed will continue to increase and decrease fuel, until the speed exceeds the governor's adjustable range, its strong feedback signal through the governor to achieve the reverse adjustment of the response, the results of the speed regulating response exceeded the predetermined range, resulting in the rotational speed of a certain value around the repeated regular movements of the "cruise car" phenomenon.
(2) The oil supply gear rod is not flexible enough
The fuel injector rod of the fuel injection pump must be absolutely flexible to ensure the sensitivity of the speed regulating reaction. With the sensitive spring balance to the tooth rod pulling resistance test, correspondence II, IV, VI, and VIII cylinder fuel injection pump pull resistance should be less than 60, 90, 130, 150g. After the deformation of the rust, the fastening of the plunger and the coupling parts, the gear ring and the meshing of the tooth rod are crushed by the spring break. Tooth rod end bushing serious wear, fork-type oil regulation mechanism of the dial fork tightening angle is incorrect, domestic fuel injection pump governor thrust inclined plate and the installation of the ball seat, such as the adverse causes, will affect the flexibility of the fuel supply gear rod. When the resistance to the flexibility has not yet reached the extent that the supply of the gear rod is totally incapable of moving, there will be a "tour car" phenomenon (if the oil supply teeth can not move, the phenomenon of failure will be different depending on the position of the tooth pole stay, and there is a difference; for example, diesel generators can not start, can not stall, speed is not controlled, car speed, etc.)
(3) The speed stabilizing spring is improperly adjusted
This is similar to the adjustment of the speed-stabilizing spring when the idle speed is unstable, and the situation is shown as "Cruise car", because the steady-speed spring and the oil supply gear rod cannot work together flexibly.

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