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Problems Arising From The Use Of Diesel Generator Sets In

- Apr 24, 2017 -

The large data center room generally adopts the power supply system consisting of "mains-generator-UPS and machine". The capacity of the ex-level power supply system should be retained on the basis of the capacity of the rear-level electrical equipment to satisfy the 10%~20% margin. The capacity of the diesel generator set in front of the UPS system needs to be considered by the UPS output load, the UPS system efficiency, the charging power of UPS to the battery pack (the UPS start-up battery discharge, the need to supplement the energy), the UPS input power factor, etc. For example, 100KVA ups, full load output 80kw, the efficiency assumes 93%, charging power for UPS rated capacity of the 15%~25%, input power factor 3, the requirements of the capacity of the diesel generator set: 80KW 93%X5, 3=130KVA, retain part of the margin, can choose to 150KVA about the diesel generators. In practice, however, this does not guarantee the smooth start-up of the diesel generating set and power supply to the UPS after the blackout. At the same time because of the large data center room power supply system of the generator load also includes the room special air-conditioning, emergency lighting, fire elevators, such as the load start-up or run will cause oscillations and disturbances of generators. When the formation of "mains-generator-UPS" power supply system, although the load of the generator in its rated output capacity, the power outage, the generator in the process of operation is often found to work instability, resulting in a variety of generators-UPS system does not work properly, the performance of the phenomenon:
(1) The fluctuation voltage of the load feedback causes the output voltage stability of the generator to be very poor, and the output voltage oscillation of generator set is often found. The allowable input voltage range of the UPS rectifier is generally ± 15% or wider, and the output voltage instability of the generator is relatively small;
(2) The input harmonics of the UPS rectifier cause more than 0 points;

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