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Maintenance Procedures For Diesel Generators

- Apr 24, 2017 -

I. Overview
The strict technical maintenance of diesel generators can eliminate the potential hidden dangers of diesel generators in time, the guarantee machine is always in good condition and prolong service life. The technical maintenance procedures are formulated according to the general situation, and the competent technicians may make appropriate corrections according to the model and specific usage of the diesel engine group.
2. Daily Technical Maintenance
(a) Clean the unit of the parts of the dust and oil, check and eliminate all parts of oil leakage, leakage, leakage phenomenon;
(2) After the operation check the connection bolts, nuts have no loose phenomenon. In particular the fastening condition of the bottom foot connection;
(3) Check the oil bottom of the oil shell memory and quality. If the quality deterioration, the oil has metal chips or shiny sudden or decrease, should check the reasons, and timely raise and replace the new oil;
(4) Before running check oil spray pump governor's plane, should reach the mark marking of the oil ruler;
(v) The environmental conditions of the dust-more room, should be running after a long time cleaning the air filter;
(6) Before and after the operation of clean electrical equipment oil, water traces, check whether the joints are firmly;
(7) Check the conveyor belt before running is good, the belt joints are firmly, tightness is appropriate;
(eight) Check the fuel quantity of diesel oil tank in long time before and after operation, check whether the parts and tubing joints are good.
San Technical Maintenance (every 1 months)
(a) to carry out the daily technical maintenance work;
(2) Check the battery electrolyte surface, should be higher than the plate 10-15mm, insufficient when added distilled water;
(c) The cumulative operating time for more than 100 hours to inspect diesel tanks and diesel filters and clean air filter nets;
(4) Check the battery voltage and the proportion of electro-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic proportion should be between 1.27-1.29.
(v) to inspect and maintain the diesel engine, check the operation situation, check the meter display situation, eliminate the existence of faults or hidden dangers.

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