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Hunan Yueyang Customers Purchase Three Sets Of Marine Diesel Generator Set

- Jul 11, 2017 -

In July 3, 2017, Hunan Yueyang Customer purchase one set 75KW and two sets 50KW marine diesel generator set.

Through Workshop Engineer's active preparation and production,all of this diesel generator indicators are qualified.

The following pictures is the genset waiting for delivery ~




Weifang Bset Power Equipment Co., Ltd. produces and operates marine generating sets, 

including the commonly used marine diesel generator sets and emergency marine diesel generators.

Marine generator sets are widely used in marine power supply. They can be used as main power or spare power .

Weifang Best Power marine starting unit is widely used in special purpose ships. It uses battery and 

compressed air dual energy start-up mode to ensure the reliability of start-up under any circumstances.

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