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Diesel Drive Pressure Maintaining Water Fire Fighting Pump Set

- Oct 18, 2017 -


Diesel Drive Pressure Maintaining Water Fire Fighting Pump Set Basic Info.


Model NO.:XBC Serires




Diesel Water Pump Set Max.Capacity:>400 L/min


Driving Type:Motor


Impeller Number:Multistage Pump


Working Pressure:Low Pressure Pump


Influent Type of Impeller:Double-Suction Pump


Diesel Water Pump Set Position of Pump Shaft:Horizontal Pump


Pump Casing Combined:Horizontal Split Pumps


Mounting Height:Suction Centrifugal


Diesel Water Pump Set Impeller:Open


Usage:Circulating Pump


Application:Fire Fighting

Diesel Drive Pressure Maintaining Water Fire Fighting Pump Set Product Description

1: Shanghai fareast technology Co.,Limited follow fire pump and water pump
1.1) Vertical single suction single stage /multi-stage pipeline type fire pump
1.2) Horizontal single stage/multistage fire pump (with jockey pump)
1.3) Open type single stage double suction fire pump
1.4) Long shaft deep well single stage/multi stage fire pump
1.5) Diesel engine drive fire pump and water pump (with jockey pump)
1.6) Fire pressure water supply pump with jockey pump / Fire boosting pump
1.7) Vertical and horizontal cast iron and stainless steel multistage pump
1.8) Vertical/Pipeline/Submersible/Self priming/Automatic fix/Sewage sludge /Corrosion resistant liquid/Pulp sewage pump

2: Here we just listed some diesel engine drive fire pump with jockey pump, you can contact with us for more models for other type fire pumps

3: XBC full automatic diesel engine fire pump set as a fixed type of fire fighting equipment has been widely used in fire diversion, especially in the absence of power or power supply (city) is not normal, such as fire water supply. The diesel engine fire pump set is suitable for fire protection and water supply for ships, power plants, warehouses, docks, petrochemical, textile, liquefied petroleum gas, airports, oil tankers and other occasions.

4: Matching water pump: single stage fire pump, multi stage fire pump, single stage open double suction fire pump


Diesel Drive Pressure Maintaining Water Fire Fighting Pump Set Operating conditions:
1.Altitude: less than 2500 meters
2.Ambient temperature: -25~55oC
3.Air relative humidity: 9~95%
4.Earthquake intensity: 7 degrees
5.Flow range: 50-2000 (L/S)
6.Head range: 32-2100m
7.Diesel engine power: 18-2200KW
8.Material: cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, cast copper
9.Diesel engine Brand: To the contiune 


Diesel pump set characteristics:
1. Automatic start: diesel pump unit received a fire / pipe network pressure / power / or other start signal, within 15 seconds to automatically start and put into full load operation;
2. Automatic charge: the battery can be used to charge the electric motor or diesel engine to automatically charge, to ensure the smooth start of the unit;
3 automatic alarm: the diesel engine low oil pressure, high water temperature and other automatic alarm protection, alarm and shutdown when working speed fast
4 Automatic preheating: the diesel engine engine in a standby mode, to ensure that emergency work;
5.Direct type : Less tahn 360kw fire pump set connect diesel engine and fire pump by elastic coupling
6:Users can also be required to set the other alarm output (non standard supply);
7: With telemetry, remote signal, remote control function (non standard supply);


Model information : XBC 5.0/10-100W
XBC: Diesel engine drive fire pump
5.0  : Outlet Pressure : 0.5MPa
10   : Flow : 10L/S
100 : Pump outlet Diameter DN100mm
W   : Horizontal

8: Some model listings, contact with us for more diesel engine drive fire pump set with jockey pump 

S/NoModelFlowRated PressureSpeedAxis Power

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