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Diesel Generator-level Technical Maintenance

- Apr 24, 2017 -

(1) Implementation level technical maintenance related content;
(b) The cumulative operating time of more than 350 hours, should be thoroughly cleaned the fuel system-including diesel tanks, filters, pipelines, fuel injection pumps and injectors. Check the spray pressure and spray conditions, and adjust if necessary. Check the oil supply of fuel injection pump and oil supply advance angle, and readjust if necessary;
(c) The cumulative time exceeding 350 hours should be thoroughly inspected, clean lubrication system-including crankcase, oil pipe, oil filter, oil pump, oil cooler, and the replacement of new oil, special attention should be paid to the oil cooler tubes rust or damage;
(4) Check the valve clearance, fuel injection early angle, if necessary, adjust;
(v) Checking the sealing conditions of inlet and exhaust doors;
(6) Check whether the water pump leakage, check the cylinder liner sealing water conditions;
(vii) Inspect the cooling system water piping;
(eight) The cumulative running time for more than 350 hours should check the connecting rod, connecting rod bearings, gas distribution mechanism, cooling water pump, governor and other parts of the situation, if there is loose damage, should be repaired;
(9) Cleaning the generator, start-up machine interior dust, check the circuit system connectivity, check the brush spring tension, brush and commutator contact is good;
Three-level technical maintenance of diesel generators (annual)
(1) Implementation of level Two technical maintenance related content;
(2) The cumulative run time exceeds 800 hours after:
1, should thoroughly wash, overhaul the main parts, and replace the parts as appropriate;
2, washing water jacket internal sand dirt and scale.
Diesel Generator Overhaul

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