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Diesel Generator Induction Mainly Has The Following Reasons:

- Apr 24, 2017 -

2 oil ring back to the oil hole by carbon plugging, loss of scraping effect
3 PISTON ring openings turn together, resulting in oil from the piston ring openings on the
4 Piston rings wear serious or the accumulation of carbon stuck in the ring groove, loss of sealing effect
5 Air ring in the upper and lower direction, the oil scraping into the cylinder burn down
6 piston rings elastic enough, quality unqualified
7 Valve Duct Oil SEAL assembly improperly or aging failure, loss of sealing effect
8 pistons and cylinders severely worn
9. Excessive amount of oil, so that excessive oil splash, the fuel ring too late to scrape the cylinder wall excess oil and other
Exhaust smoke is inevitable accompanied by the blue fan Wei frontline beer laughing mast The oil consumption of the increase, some drivers said "burn oil." Oil, fuel consumption ratio is generally 5% 0. 8%, oil consumption
There will be blue smoke in the exhaust when exceeding this value. The engine to take the blue smoke fault, generally through the engine disassembly, check, can find out the reason and determine the troubleshooting scheme. Cold state exhaust smoke blue, but oil consumption normal, and fuel-related, as normal.
Engine exhaust smoke generally should be checked in the state of the engine heater, through the engine low speed, medium speed, high-speed and accelerated process of smoke color changes in the analysis

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