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Development Of Diesel Generator Technology

- Apr 24, 2017 -

With the development of IT technology, the business of diesel generators is inseparable from the construction of data center, which is also rapidly increasing the scale and quantity of IDC Center construction in Communication, finance, medium and large enterprises and government departments. It is often necessary to use high-power ups and diesel generators to make up a secure power supply system when the equipment of the IDC center is operated safely.
The general realization method is the generator as a standby power supply, in the case of power outages, by the automatic switching (ATS), UPS, room special air-conditioning, emergency lighting equipment input from the mains to the generator, to prevent the UPS battery depletion caused the system power outage. The system not only requires a high degree of automation of generators, but also requires that the generator must adapt to the characteristics of the nonlinear load of ups, so that it guarantees the reliable power supply to the load without mains.
Many industry computer room management methods explicitly put forward that the engine room must be equipped with standby generators, requiring its design capacity to meet the normal operating requirements of equipment, and there is appropriate allowance. However, in the actual selection and use of generators, due to insufficient capacity or improper maintenance of generators, when the real power outage, the generator does not work properly, this article on the large data center room power supply system in the generator set matching, with the UPS matching relationship, the use of generator maintenance requirements to do a brief introduction to the user in purchasing, supporting diesel generators as a reference.

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