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Determination Of Overhaul Period

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Diesel Engine group overhaul due to different models and use of the situation, and manufacturing quality, maintenance and use directly related. The general overhaul period can be carried out according to the requirements of the factory. The management can judge whether the overhaul is based on the actual work situation of the diesel engine. Diesel engines should be overhauled when the following conditions arise.
1, poor start-up performance: Diesel engine start-up difficulties, cylinder seal performance decline, serious leakage.
2, insufficient power: The diesel engine performance is obviously decreased, the work is powerless, the adjustment is still no better. The maximum power is not rated power 80% when the oil quantity regulating lever is in the largest position;
3, fuel and oil heavy losses: diesel engine in common operating conditions, exhaust smoke, fuel consumption and oil consumption significantly increased. In the diesel engine sealing good, no drop oil phenomenon, the oil consumption exceeds the prescribed 1 time times;
4, the operation of abnormal sound, vibration intensified: The diesel engine operation, heard serious piston percussion, crankcase metal collision, and other abnormal sound, and diesel engine vibration intensified.
5, the cylinder liner wear is serious, its roundness or cylinder degree reaches or exceeds the limit of use.
6, the cylinder pressure drops obviously, below the rated pressure 75%, the cylinder has the abnormal sound, and the machine heats after the noise does not eliminate;
7, the crankcase temperature rises markedly, the diesel engine vent and the oil filling mouth take the fog-like smoke, eliminates the exhaust gas to take the oil;
8, other needs to overhaul the situation.
Overhaul Content
1, disassemble the diesel engine, decompose the parts, clean the parts;
2, inspect the cooling system, dredge the pipes, and remove all sediments;
3, replacing the broken parts and the parts that cannot be repaired, the parts of the wear quantity exceeding the prescribed limit value should be replaced by the part which cannot complete the next overhaul cycle;
4, the replacement has been to the prescribed service life or repair damaged joints, seals and connecting pipelines, etc.
5. Correction of all instruments;
6, after assembling the cold mill and hot test, make the cylinder work evenly, and test the performance.

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