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Customer Purchase 500KW Gas Generating Set In Inner Mongolia

- Sep 08, 2017 -

On August 20, 2017, from Inner Mongolia bayinnaoer customers friend with hk, power equipment co., LTD. Weifang purchase a 500 kw gas generator set a cooperation agreement, chart for commissioning the scene ~
Natural gas generators are gas-fired generators.
The main combustible ingredient is methane gas CH4, otherwise a small amount of ethane, propane and butane, and a small amount of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor and a small amount of carbon monoxide and trace gases, such as helium and argon, methane concentrations is commonly 70% ~ 97%, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic characteristics.
Natural gas is mainly produced from natural gas Wells or oil associated with the process exhaust after the light hydrocarbon recovery.
The use of natural gas as energy can reduce the consumption of coal and oil, thus improving environmental pollution.
Natural gas as a clean energy, can reduce sulfur dioxide and dust emissions by nearly 100%, reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides emissions by 50% 60%, and helps to reduce the formation of acid rain, relieve the greenhouse effect, the earth is fundamentally improve the environment quality.

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