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Anhui Customers Purchased Six Sets Of Diesel Generator Sets

- Jul 17, 2017 -

July 8, 2017, Anhui customers purchased one set 300KW Steyr silent diesel genset and five sets of 40KW open type diesel genset.

The following pictures is the genset waiting for delivery ~

Customers are often confused about how to choose a diesel generator ,We offer you the following suggestions:

1.Choose the right model:

The selection of generator sets is very critical. The model is too large, the cost is increased,.The model is too small to meet the power requirements.

We recommended that the electricity detailed list be detailed statistics first. For Example,electricity power is 100KW .The starting current of an electric equipment is usually calculated as follows :100KW*1.25=125A . If the power equipment has large inductive load, it should consider its instantaneous starting current .

2.Select the reliability of the enterprise:

After the selection of the model, it is very important to select the enterprises with good integrity, and the enterprises with good integrity are the most reliable partners.Only honest and trustworthy enterprises can provide you with quality products and perfect service. To create value for customers and win-win situation with customers, the integrity of an enterprise is critical. 

3.Configuration of generator sets:

The generator set is mainly composed of three parts: diesel engine, generator and control system. Grades, quality, prices are reflected in these three parts.


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