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10kw-5MW Biogas Landfill Mashgas Biomass Natural Methane Coal Mine Bed Gas Generator

- Jun 10, 2017 -

10kw-5MW Biogas Landfill Mashgas Biomass Natural Methane Coal Mine Bed Gas Generator Basic Info

  • Certification: CE, ISO, BV

  • Standard: Standard

  • Current: 18A to 1080A

  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

  • Control Panel: Deepsea, Smartgen, Harsen

  • Certificate: Ce, BV, ISO

  • Specification: CE, ISO, BV

  • HS Code: 8502200000

  • Gas Source: Gas

  • Power: >200kW

  • Voltage: 230V/400V (Can Be Adjusted)

  • Speed: 1500rpm /1200rpm/1000rpm

  • Alternator: Leroy Somer, Stamford, Marathon

  • Gas Fuel Type: Biogas/Methane Gas/Natural Gas/CNG/LPG/Biomass Gas

  • Warranty Time: 1 Year or 2000 Running Hours

  • Transport Package: Sea Worthy Package, Plastic Film, Wood Case

  • Origin: Shandong, China

10kw-5MW Biogas Landfill Mashgas Biomass Natural Methane Coal Mine Bed Gas Generator Product Description

Our 10kw-5MW gas generators including: biogas generator,biomass generator,natural gas generator,methane gas generator,coal bed/ oven gas generator, Land fill gas generator, mashgas generator with CE,ISO,BV Certificate.

We are a professional gas genset and diesel genset manufacturer, mainly rate power from 20kw to 1500kw with CE and ISO9001:2008 certificate, the OEM and ODM are available. Our products have export to over 20 country and areas,such as Pakistan,UAE,Russia, South Africa ,Panama ,middle east and South East Asia. And all of them have got a good reputation.

10kw-5MW Biogas Landfill Mashgas Biomass Natural Methane Coal Mine Bed Gas Generator Gas type mainly including:
1.Biogas from landfill, food waste, animal manure and waste water.
2.Biomass gas from wood gas,Municipal solid waste,rice husk,fruit shell,natural gas generator,LPG/LNG/CNG.
3.Methane gas generator, Coal gas generator from Coal bed methane(CBM),coal oven gas, coal mine gas ect.

Biogas Generator Set
Biogas is a mixture gas,main composition is methane(CH4 ) and carbon dioxide(CO2). CH4  content 45%-70%,
CO2 content 30%-40%,and also a bit of other gas,such as hydrogen,carbon monoxide,hydrothion sulfide oxygen,nitrogen,ect. Because of there are abundant of methane,the biogas can be used as a kind of fuel.Biogas is a kind of product that organics is resolved by bacterium under the anaerobic condition.Garbage in the city,sludge in the sewage treatment plants,excrement and straws all can be used to generate biogas.
Requirments for Biogas Genset
1.within 1m from pressure regulating
valve of gas intake.
2.Gas temperature≤40°C
3.Pressure 3-20kpa,pressure changing
4. H2S≤200mg/Nm3
5. NH3≤20mg/Nm3
6. CH4 content not less than 40%,
changing rate not more than 2%.
7.Moisture content≤40g/N m3
8.Impurity particle size≤5μm,
 impurity content≤30g/N m3
Main Specification

Model No.Engine No.Rated speedRated speed(r/min)Size(mm)Net weight(KG)

Technical Parameters of 300kw/ 400kw/500kw Biogas Genset

Model No.CW-300GFZCW-400GFZCW-500GFZ
Engine No.6190ZLDT-212V190DT-212V190ZLDT-2
Gas mix typeOutsideoutsideoutside
Rated power300kw400kw500kw
Continuous Power240KW320kw400kw
Rated voltage400V/230V400V/230V400V/230V
Rated frequency50Hz50Hz50Hz
Rated rotation1000r/min1000r/min1000r/min
Rated power factor0.80.80.8
Rated current540A720A902A
Frequency volatility rate≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%
Voltage regulating range95-105%95-105%95-105%
Heat consumption≤11.5mj/kw.h≤11.5mj/kw.h≤11.5mj/kw.h
Lubricant consumption≤1.5g/kw.h≤1.5g/kw.h≤1.5g/kw.h
Cylinder number612-V12-V
Cylinder diameter190mm190mm190mm
Compression ratio8:19:18:1
Starting mode24V electric motor24V electric motor24V electric motor
Overhaul time≥25000h≥25000≥25000
Intake modeSupercharging ,inter coolerNatural intakeSupercharging,inter cooler
Sparking modeSpark plugSpark plugSpark plug
Voltage regulation modeautomaticautomaticautomatic
Speed regulation modeelectronic speed regulateelectronic speed regulateElectronic speed regulate
Lubrication modePressure and splashPressure and splashPressure and splash
Cooling modeCirculating water coolingCirculating water coolingCirculating water cooling
Exhaust temperature≤650oC≤650oC≤650oC
Genset dimensions6000×1970×2235 6000×1970×2235 6000×1970×2735 
Genset Weight9000 KG11000 KG11500 KG

Natural Gas Generator Set
Natural gas which mainly composed by CH4.(It is about 90% of total gas).the displacement of nitrogen oxide,  HCHydrogen Carbonide and  carbonic oxide from burning are much lower than the state standards and without dust pollution. Thermal efficiency of coversion is 65%,which is same to the LPG and higher than Coal.Calculated on the same calorific value,the price of natural gas is lower than the price of coal and petroleum. Natural gas can be used by home application, Electricity generation,industrial chemical and industrial fuel and so is a good substitute of coal and petroleum. It can instead of civil coal gas,it can be used as nitrogenous fertilizer instead of coal and petroleum, it can be used as ethylene of naphtha,it also can be used as the car engine fuel instead of petruoleum.
Requirement for natural gas:
1.Within 1m from pressure regulating valve of gas intake.
2.the ratio of CH4. in natural gas not less than 70%.
3.Pressure of natural gas 80-200kpa,Rate of pressure change≤1kpa/min
4. H2S≤200mg/Nm3
5.Moisture content≤40g/N m3
6.Impurity particle size≤5μm, impurity content≤30g/N m3
7. If fuel gas contains higher quantity of sulfur and ammonia ,it will not only corrode the pole of sparking plug seriously but also increase the acid value of engine oil which will corrode the parts inside of genset, easy to generation sediment and increase the attrition corrosion to the engine.

Main Specification

ModelEngine No.Rated powerRated speed( r/min)Size(mm)Net weight(KG) 

Technical Parameters of 300kw/400kw/500kw/600kw Natural gas genset

Genset No.CW-300GFTCW-400GFTCW-500GFTCW-600GFT
Engine No.6190ZLDT-212V190DT-212V190ZLDT-212V190ZLT
Rated power300kw400kw500kw600kw
Prime power240KW320kw400kw500kw
Rated voltage400V/230V400V/230V400V/230V400V/230V
Rated frequency50Hz50Hz50Hz50Hz
Rated speed1000r/min1000r/min1000r/min1000r/min
Rated power factor0.
Rated current540A720A902A1020A
Frequency volatility rate≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%
Voltage regulation range95-105%95-105%95-105%95-105%
Heat consumption≤11.5mj/kw.h≤11.5mj/kw.h≤11.5mj/kw.h≤11.5mj/kw.h
Lubricant consumption≤1.5g/kw.h≤1.5g/kw.h≤1.5g/kw.h≤1.5g/kw.h
Gas Pressure80-200kpa80-200kpa80-200kpa80-200kpa
Cylinder No.612-V12-V12-V
Cylinder diameter190mm190mm190mm190mm
Compression ratio8:19:18:18:1
Start mode24V electric motor24V electric motor24V electric motor24V electric motor
Intake modeSupercharging, inter cooledNatural intakeSupercharging, inter cooledSupercharging, inter cooled
Sparking modeSpark plugSpark plugSpark plugSpark plug
Voltage regulation modeautomaticautomaticautomaticautomatic
Speed regulation modeElectronic speed regulationElectronic speed regulationElectronic speed regulationElectronic speed regulation
Lubrication modePressure and splashPressure and splashPressure and splashPressure and splash
Cooled modeCirculating water cooledCirculating water cooledCirculating water cooledCirculating water cooled
Exhaust temperature≤650oC≤650oC≤650oC≤650oC
Size6000×1970×2235 6000×1970×2235 6000×1970×2735 6000×1970×2735 


Biomass Generator Set
Biomass exists in various categories, on is in plants category such as wood,crop(straws of rice,wheat,bean,cotton,busk etc),weeds,algae and so on.others such as animal wastes,spoil and the organic exist in water and rubbish ect.
There are mainly three ways to generate power with biomass nowadays: gasification power generation, combustion generation and CHP technology.
Requirement for Biomass gas
1.Within 1m to the intake valve of gas generator set.
2.Gas temperature ≤40°C
3.Pressure 3-20kpa,pressure changing rate≤1kpa/min
4. H2S≤200mg/Nm3
5. NH3≤20mg/Nm3
6.Tar Content ≤20mg/ N m3
7.Moisture content≤40g/N m3
8.Impurity particle size≤5μm, impurity content≤30mg/N m3
9.Heat value not less than 4.2MJ/ N m3
10. If there are too much sulfur and ammonia in the gas,it will not only corrode the electrode of sparking plug seriously but also increase the acid value of engine oil which will corrode the parts inside of genset, easy to generation sediment and increase the attrition corrosion to the engine.

Main Specification

ModelEngine No.Rated PowerRated Speed (r/min)Size(mm)N.W(kg) 

The key and premise of generating gas is that biomass is gasified and generated gas.according to different crafts,there are many kinds of equipments to generate biomass gas. The higher the heat value of biomass gas the less impurity to generate more electric power. It will not only increase the efficiency of generating gas,but also reduce the damage to generator equipment by impurity.

Coal Mine/Bed Generator Set
Coal mine/Bed gas is a kind of burnable gas without any color, taste and smell. It will explode if the concentration ranges at 5%-16%, and if oxygen larger than 12%, it will also explode when meets the naked light or temperature between 650°C to 750°C. Explosive power will be biggest if concentration is 9.5%. It will burn but not explode if concentration larger than 16%. It was generated by coal or rotten plants and exist in two states: absorbing & dissociate. Generation with coal mine/bed gas not only keep the mine safe but also relieve the situation of lacking power.
Requirement for Coal mine/bed gas
Within 1m to the intake valve of gas generator set
1.     Gas temperature≤40°C
2.     Pressure 3-20kpa, pressure changing rate≤1kpa/min
3.     H2S≤200mg/Nm3
4.     If the CH4 content less than 30%, the total content of CH4  and O2  should not less than 28%, the content of O2 should not less than 16%.
5.     Moisture content≤40g/N m3
6.     Impurity particle size≤5μm, impurity content≤30mg/N m3
If there are too much sulfur and ammonia in the gas, it will not only corrode the electrode of sparking plug seriously but also increase the acid value of engine oil which will corrode the parts inside of genset, easy to generation sediment and increase the attrition corrosion to the engine.
 Main Specification of Generator Set

Model No.Engine No.Rated
Rated FrequencySIZE (MM)Net Weight
500GF-WKG12V190ZLDW-2500kw400/230v50/60Hz5600 * 2040 * 278011800kg
500GF-WKIG12V190ZLDW-2500kw400/230v50/60Hz5600 * 2040 * 278011800kg
600GF-WKIG12V190ZLDW-3600kw400/230v50/60Hz5600 * 2040 * 278011800kg

Main Specification of Engine

Engine No.Rated
SIZENet weight
G12V190ZLDW-2500kw1000r/min8:112  60°Vce5251×1970×22355300kg
G12V190ZLDW-3600kw1000r/min8:112  60°Vce5251×1970×22355300kg

Main Technical Parameter

Type4 Stroke, Water-Cooling, Supercharger intercooling, Direct injection
Cylinder Diameter190mm
Crankshaft RotationAnticlockwise (face to output terminal)
Starting ModePneumatic Motor, Electric Motor
Lubricant ModePressure and Splash Lubricant
Ignition ModePlug Ignition
Heat Consumption≤11386kj/kw.h
Lubricant Consumption≤1.6g/kw.h
Steady Speed Regulation Rate0 - 5%  adjustable
Speed regulation modeElectronic Speed Regulation
Exhaust temperature<=650oC


Coal Gas Generator Set
There are many methods to produce coal gas, such as coke oven gas, coal producer gas, semi-coke gas, water coal gas, oil coal gas, oil coal gas, blast-furnace and cracking coal gas etc. The main compositions are CO, H2, N3, CO2 and so on.
The producing method of coke oven gas is as below: raw coal is crushed and washed, then put them into furnace with different coal mixed together in different ratio, after that the coal in a limited conditions which is been heated and disintegrated in a isolate air condition. It will produce coal gas and coal tar with high temperature.
Gas Composition of Coke Oven Gas:
H2: 50-60  
O2: 0.4-0.6
CH4: 22-26
CmHn: 2.2-2.6  
CO: 2-3
N2: 2.24        
CO2: 2.2
After through conventional cooling, desulfurization, detar and dehydration treatments, coke oven gas will generate power with internal combustion generator. The power will be as self-provided power for coke oven factory and can be connected to national grid, which avoid coal gas emptying.
The genset is for steel plant and coke-oven plant.
The producing method of coal producer gas is as below: after lighting the coal, a great amount of CO is produced with incomplete combustion by limiting air in the bottom of furnace. The main compositions are CO, CO2 and N2.
The producing method of water coal gas is as below: after lighting the coal, make coal burn completely by blowing enough air from the bottom of furnace, and then stop blower and inject water vapor from the bottom and the top of furnace, a great amount of H2 and CO are produced when the water vapor combines with hot coal, and then it forms water coal gas when mixing with N2 in the air and the left water vapor.  
Semi-coke is made from smokeless coal in low temperature and dry distillation klin, its technology is similar to coal gas gasifier, just the output product is different with different heating temperature. In the producing process of Semi-coke, a great amount of exhaust gas is produced from 1T semi-coke in low temperature and dry distillation klin, and the heat value of coal gas is about 1900kcal, which can meet the requirement of generating power.
The main composition of coal gas which produced by current internal heating type of semi-coke furnace is N2 (about 50%), others are H2, CO, CO2 and CH4. Because there are many useless compositions in semi-coke gas, and the heat value is low (1800-2000kcal), all these limit its range of application and a great quantity of semi-coke gas are evacuated or burned
Requirements for Coal Gas Genset
Within 1m from gas intake valve
1.     Coal gas temperature ≤40oC;
2.     Pressure of coal producer gas: 3-20kpa, rate of pressure change≤1kpa/min;
3.     H2S≤200mg/Nm3;
4.     NH3≤20mg/Nm3;
5.     Tar content≤50mg/Nm3
6.     Impurity particle size≤5μm, Impurity content≤30mg/Nm3;
7.     Moisture content≤40g/Nm3;
8.     Gas heat value≥4.2 mj/Nm3
If fuel gas contains higher quantity of sulfur and ammonia, it not only corrodes the pole of spark plug seriously, but also increases the acid value, which corrodes internal parts of genset and corrodes the genset with precipitates.
Main Specification

Engine No.12V190DT-212V190ZLDT-212V190ZLT
Gas Mix TypeOutsideOutsideOutside
Rated Power400kw500kw600kw
Continuous Power320kw400kw500kw
Rated Voltage400V/230V400V/230V400V/230V
Phase3P 4W3P 4W3P 4W
Rated Frequency50Hz50Hz50Hz
Rated Revolution1000r/min1000r/min1000r/min
Rated Power Factor0.80.80.8
Rated Current720A902A1020A
Frequency Volatility≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%
Voltage Setting Range95-105%95-105%95-105%
Heat Consumption≤11.5mj/kw.h≤11.5mj/kw.h≤11.5mj/kw.h
Engine Oil Consumption≤1.5g/kw.h≤1.5g/kw.h≤1.5g/kw.h
Cylinder Number12-V12-V12-V
Cylinder Diameter190mm190mm190mm
Compression Ratio9: 18: 18: 1
Starting Mode24V electric motor24V electric motor24V elector motor
Overhaul Time≥25000≥25000≥25000
Intake ModeNature intakeSupercharging intakeSupercharging intake
Sparking ModeSparking plugSparking plugSpark plug
Voltage RegulationAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Speed Regulation ModeElectronic speed regulationElectronic speed regulationElectronic speed regulation
Lubricating ModePressure and splash lubricationPressure and splash lubricationPressure and splash lubrication
Cooling ModeClosed/ open coolingClosed/ open coolingClosed/ open cooling
Exhaust Temperature≤650oC≤650oC≤650oC
Size6000 * 1970 * 22356000 * 1970 * 27356000 * 1970 * 2735

Service committee
1. Pre-sale service: 
1) We will send our engineer to prospect the site of power station free of charge.
2) According to the situation of site, we will provide design drawings, such as power plant floor drawing, cooling system drawing, genset foundation, control room design, etc.
2. Sale service:
1) Operator training would be conducted by Chaiwei technicians during the process of commissioning or Factory training course in China,
2) Installation and commission of the genset would be instructed assisted by Chaiwei technicians at site.
3. After-sale service:

1) We have strong after-sale team, we will response within 24 hours and provide technical supports by phone or site guiding, help our clients to gain the biggeset profit.
2) For the quality problem, we will service for you free of charge during the guarantee period.
3) We  provide one year guarantee period and lifetime service.

Plentiful spare part supply
1. We have spart parts department, plentiful spare part supply for all genset model will guarantee genset lifetime running.
2.All parts were from original factories or professional factories,complete in specification,keep good quality.

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