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75KW Diesel Generator Set With Rainproof And Mobile Trailer

- Jul 06, 2017 -

In June 27, 2017, The customer from Hubei purchases a 75KW diesel generator set with rainproof and mobile trailer. This diesel generator set is customized according to customer requirements .

The following figure is delivery on site.




The Weifang Tractor Power Equipment Co., Ltd. produces the trailer generator set with unique design, high mobility, low center of gravity, safe braking, excellent manufacture and beautiful appearance. 

1)Adopting leaf spring suspension structure, the node is selected rationally, with high strength and good rigidity. 

2)The utility model has the advantages of convenient movement, flexible operation, good tightness and safety.

3)With a hand brake, air brake, rear light system, comply with road traffic requirements. 

4)Widely used in construction sites, highways, railway construction and temporary sites by electric fields. 

In addition, When selecting the manufacturer of the trailer generator set, the user should choose the regular direct selling manufacturer, and the unit brand, configuration and power should be selected according to the needs of the work.

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