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30kw-1500kw Googol Natural Gas Biogas Generator Set 50/60Hz

- Aug 16, 2017 -

30kw-1500kw Googol Natural Gas Biogas Generator Set 50/60Hz Basic Info

  • Certification: CE, ISO

  • Standard: Standard

  • Alternator: Meccalte, Marathon, Leroy Somer

  • Certificates: CE, ISO, GOST, TUV, SGS

  • Option Type: Container, CHP, Cchp, Heat Recovery

  • Electric Efficiency: 38%-42%

  • Air Ratio: 1.6-1.7

  • Transport Package: Plastic Film Package, or as Need

  • Origin: Donguan, Guangdong, China

  • Gas Source: Gas

  • Power: >200kW

  • Gas Engine: Googol Gas Engine

  • Controller: Deif, Cmap, Deepsea, etc

  • Warranty: 1 Year or 1000 Working Hours

  • Power Output: 30kw-1500kw

  • Control System: Germany Motortech

  • Specification: ISO8528

  • HS Code: 8502120000

30kw-1500kw Googol Natural Gas Biogas Generator Set 50/60Hz Product Description

30kW-1500kW Googol Natural Gas Biogas Generator set  50/60Hz

Applied gas:
Natural Gas, Biogas, City Sewage Gas, Landfill gas, Oil gas, farm biogas, Coal mine gas,etc
Acceptable fuel gas pressure: 5~12kPa
CH4 content: for natural gas≥85% CH4 ,content:for biogas≥40%
Gas heat value≥5500kcal/Nm3 (23MJ/Nm3 ). Genset output power will increase as the gas heat value increase, if use low heat value gas for fuel (Heat value<5500kcal/Nm3, it will lower the power efficiency.
Gas doesn't include free water or free materials (the size of impurities should be less than 5μm.)
H2S content≤200mg/Nm3
NH3 content≤20mg/Nm3
Impurities content≤30mg/Nm3;size≤5μm
Water content≤40g/Nm3, no free water.
30kw-1500kw Googol Natural Gas Biogas Generator Set 50/60Hz Acceptable working conditions:
Ambient temperature : -10°C~+40°C 
(antifreeze or preheater needed for below 0°C)
Relative humidity:<90%(20°C)
Normal working conditions:
Genset can run at rated power on the conditions:
Atmospheric Pressure: 100kPa, Ambient Temp: 20°C, Relative Humidity: 30%.
30kw-1500kw Googol Natural Gas Biogas Generator Set 50/60Hz Standard Scope of Supply:
1. Brand new gas engine, 90% parts include engine body , crank shaft, cam shaft, piston, cylinder head, etc made by US Googol with best quality
2. Brand new brushless France Meccalte,Leroy Somer,Stamford alternator
3. Rating: 3 phases 4 lines. 400/230V, 50 HZ , 1500rpm, 0.8PF, IP22-23, Insulation class H (60Hz 1200RPM option)
4. Radiator for 40°C/50°C ambient temperature
5. Ignition system adopted Germany Motortech
6. Emergency stop mounted
7. Battery,Battery cable and Battery charger
8. Standard tool box
9.Standard Accessory for installation (include bellows,silencer,flange,asbestos pad,Anti-rust water,screw )
10.Gas Train include Regulator valve,Electromagnetic Valve, Fire arrestor,Ball Valve (Chinese brand)

30kw-1500kw Googol Natural Gas Biogas Generator Set 50/60Hz Gas generator key benefits

Cost-effective power generation
Flexibility to quickly ramp power supply up or down
Exceptional performance and reliability
Reduced environmental impact
Combined heat and power provision
24/7, turn-key service

30kw-1500kw Googol Natural Gas Biogas Generator Set 50/60Hz Reduced environmental impact
Honny Power natural gas generators adopt Googol brand gas engines. The proven 'lean burn ' gas engine technology origin from USA. These heavy-duty, spark-arrested, turbo-charged, after-cooled engines have a purpose built alternator which is suitable for continuous operation in hash environments. The patented fuel system and advanced engine design ensure emission regulations are met as they are highly efficient with a virtually smoke free operation.
Compared to diesel generators, gas generators have a much lower sulphur, NOx and greenhouse gas emission content.


Genset ModelContinuous Power Engine Model 
KVAKW  Meccalte Model
HGGM250250200  RTA780G1ECO38-2LN/4
HGGM300300240  RTA890G1ECO38-3LN/4
HGGM400400320  RTA1120G1ECO40-2S/4
HGGM500500400  RTA1340G1ECO40-1L/4
HGGM625625500  RTA1780G1ECO40-2L/4
HGGM750750600  JTA2160G1ECO43-1SN/4
HGGM900900720  JTA2160G3ECO43-1LN/4
HGGM128012801024  JTA3240G3ECO43-VL/4
HGGM160016001280  JTA4320G1ECO46-2S/4
HGGM181518151452  JTA4320G3ECO46-1L/4
HGGM220022001760  JTA5400G3ECO46-2L/4
HGGM675/6675540  JTA2160GS2EG400-600-6
HGGM1000/61000800  JTA3240SG2EG450-800-6
HGGM1375/613751100  JTA4320SG2EG500-1200-6
HGGM1650/616501320  JTA5400SG2EG500-1400-6
 250200  RTA780G2ECO38-3SN/4
 325260  RTA890G2ECO38-2LN/4
 400320  RTA1120G2ECO40-1S/4
 500400  RTA1340G2ECO40-2S/4
 625500  RTA1780G2ECO40-1.5L/4

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