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200kVA Super Silent Diesel Generator Set with Cummins Engine

- Apr 17, 2018 -

200kVA Super Silent Diesel Generator Set with Cummins Engine Basic Info

  • Model NO.: HHCSS200

  • Installation Method: Fixed

  • Cooling Method: Water Cooling

  • Silent Diesel Generator Set Speed: Rpm

  • Silent Diesel Generator Set Usage: Common Units

  • Excitation Mode: AC Rotating Exciter

  • Silent Diesel Generator Set Specification: ISO 9001: 2008

  • HS Code: 8502120000

  • Silent Diesel Generator Set Type: Basic Diesel Generator

  • Silent Diesel Generator Set Stroke: Four Stroke

  • Output Type: AC Three Phase

  • Conditions of Use: Land Use

  • Landuse Type of Unit: Automation Type

200kVA Super Silent Diesel Generator Set with Cummins Engine Product Description

1. Style: Open Type Diesel Generator Sets
-Power Range: 25Kva to 1000Kva.
-Silent Diesel Generator Set Engine: CUMMINS Engine
*Made by the China-USA Joint-venture company: Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company Ltd(DCEC).
-Silent Diesel Generator Set Alternator: STAMFORD Alternator.
*It is made by by Wuxi Newage Alternators Ltd, a 17.6-million-USD wholly owned subsidiary.
-Chinese Local Alternator can be as an OPTION.
-Canopy color can be CUSTOMIZED.

2. 200kVA Super Silent Diesel Generator Set with Cummins Engine Feature:
A) With radiator, fans are driven by belt, with safety guard, with DC 24 harge alternator.
B) Single bearing alternator; IP23 protection, insulation class H.
C) Control panel with many kinds of display and protection functions.
D) 12V starter manitenance free battery and connecting cable together with switch.
E) Power output MCCB was equipped.
F) A suit of ripple flex exhaust piple; Exhaust siphon; Muffler; And a set of spare parts.

3. Silent Diesel Generator Set Optional parts
A) For engine: Water jacket preheater
B) For alternator: Permanent magnet generator system
C) For control system: Automatic control panel
D) Others: Spare parts

Genset Model Prime Power    Diesel Engine Alternator Overall Size
  (50Hz)  (L×W×H)
kVA kW Cummins STAMFORD Open Type (mm)
HHC25 22 20 4B3.9-G2   PI144E 2600×1000×1550
HHC38 33 30 4BT3.9-G2  PI144J
HHC50 44 40 4BTA3.9-G2 UCI244D1
HHC60 52 48 4BTA3.9-G2 UCI224E1
HHC100 87 80 6BT5.9-G2 UCI274C1 2960×1080×1650
HHC115 100 92 6BTA5.9-G2 UCI274D1
HHC130 114 104 6BTAA5.9-G2 UCI274E1 3200×1080×1650
HHC160 140 128 6CTA8.3-G2 UCI274F1 3500×1130×1700
HHC181 160 145 6CTA8.3-G2 UCI274G1
HHC200 176 160 6CTAA8.3-G2 UCI274H1 3650×1200×1850
HHC250 220 200 6LTAA8.9-G2 UCDI274K1 3900×1280×2000
HHC312 275 250 NTA855-G1B HCI444ES1 3050×1150×1660
HHC343 300 275 NTA855-G2A HCI444E1 3100×1150×1900
HHC375 330 300 NTAA855-G7 HCI444FS1 3250×1150×1900
HHC450 400 360 KTA19-G3 HCI544C1 3450×1360×2100
HHC500 440 400 KTA19-G4 HCI544C1 3450×1360×2100
HHC565 500 NA KTAA19-G5 HCI544E1 3600×1550×2220
HHC625 550 NA KTAA19-G6A HCI544FS1 3650×1550×2220
HHC650 570 520 QSK19-K3 HCI544F1 4450×1630×2450
HHC750 660 600 KTA38-G2 LVI634B1 4450×1630×2450
HHC800 704 640 KTA38-G2B LVI634C1 4450×1630×2450
HHC910 800 728 KTA38-G2A HCI634H1 4450×1630×2450
HHC1000 880 800 KTA38-G5 HCI 634J1 4400×2050×2200

200kVA Super Silent Diesel Generator Set with Cummins Engine.jpg


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