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The use and maintenance of diesel Generator generating unit

- Apr 24, 2017 -

In order to ensure the safe operation of generator set, daily operation maintenance and fast troubleshooting are very important. The different generator sets, maintenance, overhaul contents, steps, methods are differentiated, in general, according to the maintenance requirements of generator sets and the maintenance plan developed by the unit. Mainly includes:
(1) Periodically inspect the project: periodically measure the voltage and internal resistance of the generator battery pack and record it; Periodically check the air filter, coolant level, drive belt, smoke exhaust system, fuel level, oil level, various controllers and working environment.
(2) In accordance with the maintenance requirements of the generator set to replace the oil, three filtration, start-up batteries and coolant.
(3) Periodically, the supplier detects the generator set and produces the report
(4) Regular (at least a quarters) of the generator set no-load, carrying test
The faults of diesel generators should be kept calm, and there are steps to be inspected and analysed purposefully, must not rush blindly inspection, random demolition, should be based on the abnormal symptom, signs, sound, timing, change law to find the fault location, first from the principle and structure of the detailed analysis and reasoning, make the correct judgment to find the cause of the failure. The steps to find faults should be made from simple to complex, from and segmented by system.
For the power supply system consisting of "mains-generator-UPS", the fault of the generator set itself is generally accomplished by the manufacturer and the supplier's professional and technical personnel. For some systemic problems that arise in the actual belt load, other reasons should be considered in addition to the failure of the professional to exclude the machine itself, for example, the load condition should be inspected when the output voltage is too high or too low, and whether the load imbalance is caused by the overload of the generator.

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