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Minor repairs to diesel generators

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Open the window cover, clean up the dust, maintain effective ventilation and heat dissipation.
Clean collector rings or commutator surfaces, as well as brush and brush grip.
Open the small end cap of the motor bearing, check the lubricating oil consumption and cleanliness.
Carefully inspect the electrical and mechanical connections everywhere, and wipe and secure if necessary.
The excitation voltage regulator device of the motor shall be carried out in reference to the relevant requirements and above.
In addition to complete minor repairs to the whole contents of the generator, the following contents are added.
Comprehensively inspect the situation of the slip ring and the brush device and make necessary cleaning, dressing and measurement.
Full inspection and cleaning of bearings.
Inspect all windings and insulation of the motor and inspect the electrical and mechanical joints.
Maintenance and overhaul, should be reviewed once electrical connectivity and mechanical installation of the correctness and reliability of the situation, and using dry compressed air blowing the motor inside. Finally, according to normal start-up and operation requirements, carry out no-load and load test to determine whether it is intact and correct.

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