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Diesel generators Choose small internal resistance generators as far as possible.

- Apr 24, 2017 -

1.Generator set of voltage regulator excitation regulation, such as the use of the UPS input harmonic currents, such as the use of PMG (permanent magnet generators) incentive.
2. should choose a low distortion of current waveform, high power factor ups, even if the cost increases, its efficiency is far higher than the capacity of refueling machine. and oil machine match best, according to the industry general UPS rectification Technology, the most stable rectifier technology in turn is: IGBT rectifier (Active power factor correction), 12 pulse rectifier + 11 Harmonic filter, active filter + passive filter + phase-controlled rectifier, 6 pulse rectifier + 5 harmonic filter, 6 pulse rectifier, and so on.
3. requirements UPS should have high-speed broadband rectifier control circuits and bypass phase frequency range and inverter synchronization rate on-site adjustable function.
UPS should have a slope start-up function to ensure that the rectifier in the generator gradually started, the start-up process should continue for about 10 seconds; when mains recovery, the rectifier should be able to gradually ramp up through a auxiliary switch to avoid interfering with other loads and prevent the generator from flying.
UPS should also have a delayed startup function to prevent all loads on the generator at the same time, causing the generator to overload, the delay time is 0-255 seconds.
UPS should have the second level of power generation when the current limit flow, prevent the generator due to insufficient, and the batteries need a very large charge current contradiction, the second level of charge limit should be 0~C10 adjustable.
From the above, the generator with UPS and good or compatibility, mainly depends on the generator output impedance and UPS input current distortion. In the generator set and UPS matching, its power ratio can do 1:1, and in the selection of generators, not only to take into account the appropriate power matching, more should understand the generator excitation type, so that can adapt to the UPS (non-linear load) and normal work.
Large Data center room considering the interruption of the mains, the generator with the load including UPS (computer equipment), air-conditioning, emergency power supply, fire elevators and other equipment, the generator start-up disturbance, generally recommended that the capacity of the generator should meet at least all the load total power requirements, and leave a 30%~40% allowance.

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